Music and dance are very important for the development of every child.


Music has a positive effect on someone’s mood, creativity and imagination. It improves one’s abstraction and analytic thinking. Making music together will also teach children how to collaborate and stimulates the development of social and emotional skills. It teaches children to be patient, to concentrate, to listen and discover their creativity, amongst other skills.


And let’s not forget that music is FUN! We also believe that music performance programs for children will build our future arts audiences, which will keep the creative economy alive.


Being introduced to a live music performance or workshop, can be the beginning of a life long journey full of discoveries; at school, outside, at home or at a concert venue. Masakhe offers this opportunity, we want to help children discover and develop their talents.

Masakhe offers tailor-made music performances and workshops for children in the age group between 4 and 12 years old.


Our performances are always a big party for the kids, but also for the teachers, parents and grandparents. All our performances aim to stimulate the child’s imagination and puts smiles on little faces.  We ensure plenty of interaction with our audiences.


Masakhe is a project of (event) management and booking agency iSupport Music Business. In 2014 iSupport started hosting concerts in schools with funding from the Concerts SA (SAMRO Foundation) program. This is how the team discovered their love for this target market and the lack of tailor-made programs for this group and Masakhe was born. In 2017 Arts and Culture Trust (ACT) provided us with development funding to develop our first performance and this is where our journey started. Masakhe aims to develop age appropriate music workshops- and performances for schools and communities. Telling uniquely South African stories for children and with a focus on audience participation.

Masakhe is a project of booking agent, artist management company and events organiser iSupport Music Business.


Feel free to connect with us any time to get more info, quotations or to book an appointment to discuss your ideas and plans.

031 7111524 or 079 7077773 (Marlyn Ntsele)


Masakhe is supported by the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) in association with the Nedbank Arts Affinity.

Clients and funders of Masakhe: